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How to Support Us

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Your support of Foximus-Prime has on-going impacts and helps build the future.

Donations, and Sponsorships help sustain our young science and engineering students. Though your support we can sustain and grow our organization that provides unique experiences for our future engineers, leaders, writers, and trades students.

Technology is how we create wealth, how we cure diseases, how we'll build an environment that's sustainable and also gives people the capacity to pull more out of this world and still leave it better than when they found it Read more at:

Foximus-Prime students work alongside their teachers, mentors, and parent volunteers during the entire process of prototyping, building, competing in FIRST competitions.

Help us by, financial support, volunteering, and becoming a sponsor.

Donations: For students, and all others involved participation is demanding, exciting. However all supplies, materials, and equipment is very expensive. Your generous donations will help us achieve our goals. Foximus-Prime is NOT financially supported by FIRST, or any other organization. We also are in need of materials which can include:

  • Aluminum stock material

  • Plywood, and 2 x 4 lumber

  • Hand and Power Tools

  • Lexan, polycarbonate

  • Safety Glasses

  • Screen printing services for t-shirts, banners, stickers, and signs

  • Printing services for brochures, flyers, newletters, and notices

  • Metal cutting services/machining services

  • Food or beverage donations January - April (each year)

Volunteering: Yorkville Robotics is growing. Our build season starts in January and continues into April each year. We are always looking for volunteers to help as skilled mentors, writers, web site, marketing, community involvement, photography, software development, engineering, electrical, machining, carpentry, organizing, and leading.

Sponsoring: Yorkville Robotics is being recognized in our community more each year. We receive many inquires, and we are in-front of many crowds during our competitions, and public demonstrations. By becoming a sponsor we can help advertise your business, or organization through many mediums. These methods of advertising include:

  • Recognition on our web site

  • Business name / logo on our publications

  • Business name / logo placed on our robot

  • Sponsor recognition

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